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Core Values

DCA firmly believes in and prioritises character development. Nurturing talent goes hand-in-hand with instilling values in our students. It is not about how far one can go with his dance ability, but rather how far one’s character can take him. Most of all, DCA values the shaping of lives through dance.


To see our students grow from the values and life experiences we share with them into successful individuals who contribute to society.


  • To use dance as a medium to instill values and develop character in our students. DCA upholds discipline, teamwork, respect, humility, and tenacity.

  • To connect with and empower youths-at-risk. We strive to nurture a strong sense of purpose and belonging, in a place of good influence.

  • To further expose our students through yearly events such as dance camps, dance competitions, and external dance performances.

  • To provide opportunities for instructors and mentors to extend the aesthetic and educational values of the arts to our students.

Distinct Creative Arts (DCA)

is a social enterprise that uses dance as a powerful tool to educate, engage, and empower - every week, we reach out to thousands of youths, including many who are marginalised or at-risk. Beyond coaching them in dance fundamentals in school, we also provide them with a platform to train and perform together with the DCA team. Through this platform, we personally mentor and groom the next generation, giving our dancers the opportunity to carve a career for themselves out of their dance education. At DCA, we are all about Making Lives Count.


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