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  • Flexible and Dynamic syllabus adapted for each class to ensure a comfortable and effective learning pace for all students.

  • Our course is a progressive syllabus whereas our Open Session is a free-and-easy time for you to self-train.

  • Tumbling Instructor is certified with Singapore Coach Excellence Programme Integrated Level.

  • Conducive Class Size: 5-6 participants

  • Emphasis on safe learning environment. Individual attention and spotting will be provided for each student.

  • Basic Movements….

  • Intermediate Tumbling…

  • Progress to Acrobatic Tricks eg. Aerial Cartwheels, Front Hand Spring

Want to be the Simone Biles in dance? Look no further because DCA is one of the best in combining acrobatic tricks into dancing. A dance is always more entertaining when you can pull off a stunt such as an Aerial or a Back Tuck. Our studio provides a safe space and safe training to learn and perfect these tricks. Train your acrobatic tumbling skills confidently here!


Kids & Adults
Price: $320, 1 Term (8 Sessions)
Duration: 90 Mins / Session
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